Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Elopement

You guys. You guys! When Skylar reached out to me several months ago about an adventure session in the Columbia River Gorge, I couldn’t wait to start planning with her! She wanted an intimate, no-frills event so that they could just focus on each other – and that is exactly what she got. The two of them had eloped at the courthouse the day prior, and wanted to celebrate their new marriage with an adventure session!

Latourel Falls is the perfect waterfall for an elopement or adventure session.

My fiance and I love to hike at Latourel Falls because it’s a quick, easy hike with a HUGE reward. The booming waterfall is truly one-of-a-kind, and you can get close enough to feel the spray! However, the big draw of eloping here is that the waterfall is a quick walk from the trailhead. No hiking boots needed!

I met Skylar and Blake at the Latourel Falls trailhead and we made the short walk down to the falls. Skylar made it in heels, though the previous day’s rain made the trail quite muddy – walking shoes are not required but strongly recommended if it’s been raining. It was so peaceful at the falls, with only a few hikers passing by throughout the event. Skylar’s dress popped beautifully with the rich greens and browns and the epic waterfall behind. They snuggled, they smooched, and they even enjoyed a cupcake together before we decided to head to our next location.

We then drove just a few minutes to the Portland Women’s Forum Viewpoint for some expansive Columbia River Gorge views. They wanted to dress down and capture some more casual moments with their dog, which I couldn’t have been more excited about. We met at the viewpoint and enjoyed a champagne pop, some sweet shots and then some silly shots, and ended the evening with some puppy snuggles. It was truly a magical day, and I was so honored to be chosen to celebrate with Skylar and Blake!

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